The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Costume Institute


Completed in 2013 were significant renovations to one of New York’s most celebrated institutions: The Costume Institute. Kohler Ronan designed systems in support of renovations to the gallery, conservation department, library, and support spaces. The goal was to create efficient collection storage and flexibility in the display of the selected pieces.

The new space has been designed to enable presentation incorporating the latest technologies in lighting, audio, and video systems. The gallery can be transformed from stationary displays to fully functioning fashion shows made possible by a theatrical back bone of distribution through the floor and ceiling. Further, Electronic Theater Control lighting equipment racks can fine tune the combination of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting. DMX lighting control capability was built into the distribution to allow programmable lighting features, such as color changing LEDs. Audio and video distribution is achieved through traditional analog copper wiring, Cat 6, and Fiber Optical.

The final product is a multi-function event space capable of displaying any medium in a short period of time between shows. Conservation and storage of the articles is enhanced by the new, high-density storage racks, organized to make the most efficient use of the space.


ARCHITECTKevin Roche John Dinkeloo
SIZE4,200 square feet
 (23,000 gallery total)

Photo credit: ©Anna Wesolowska/ www.photographerhedman.com