NMSU’s Center for the Arts Achieves LEED Gold Status

By January 13, 2014KR Projects

New Mexico State University, January 13, 2014

New Mexico State University’s Center for the Arts was expected to achieve LEED Silver status, but exceeded expectations, earning LEED Gold certification for its many sustainable features.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Photo credit: ©Olin Sahar Coston-Hardy
New Mexico State University Center for the Arts Photo credit: ©Anna Wesolowska / www.photographerhedman.com
University of Virginia Photo credit: ©Anna Wesolowska / www.photographerhedman.com
New York Public Library No credit
Statue of Liberty Museum Photo credit: Courtesy of FXCollaborative and Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation
Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center Photo credit: ©Tom Kessler Photography